Corporate Crime

To be honest, I have a low opinion of the FBI. It wasn't always like this. When I was growing up I thought the best jobs in the world would be with the FBI or as a DOJ prosecutor. You know, putting the bad guys in jail. How times have changed.

Every year the FBI puts up "crime" statistics, pointing out how America is doing so much better thanks to their hard work. I say "crime" because there is one very large category of real crime that is left out. What the FBI publishes are the numbers of "street crime" such as burglaries, murders, etc. Such crimes cost us around five billion dollars per year and claim about 5,000 innocent lives. Unreported by the FBI is the real threat: corporate crime. Excluding the 2008 banking crime, this normally costs five HUNDRED billion dollars and up to 50,000 lives. Corporate crimes involve shoddy construction, unsafe working conditions, tainted food, etc.

Sara Lee is just one such example. You can read the link below, but the gist is Sara Lee knew their hot dogs contained lysteriosis. When their mandated tests started showing problems they simply stopped testing. Two months later people started dying, at least 21. The US Attorney Phillip Green simply refused to call government witnesses that showed corporate executives knew they were selling food that would kill. He lamented the fact that all he could do was fine Sara Lee $200,000. Unsaid in all this is the roll government corruption plays. Sara Lee had a large contract to provide hot dogs to the military. Had the US Attorney found them guilty, Sara Lee would have been banned from all federal contracts for life. Can't have that, you know.

Next time you kill 21 people, ask for the same consideration.

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