The so-called "defense industry" has been conning American workers out of trillions for decades. No matter the endless fines against Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, etc., the rip-offs continue. President warned us of the influence and unnecessary spending with his first speech after assuming office, known as cross of iron speech. After eight years, he noted this danger again, calling defense contractors the "military industrial complex."

I agree with former Congressman Ron Paul regarding our bloated military budget: we really can't afford 1,000 overseas bases, as well as weapons systems that have nothing to do with the actual defense of America. Our military leaders have been unable to win any war since World War II. Forget any debate on the legality of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, but these wars have already cost us over five trillion dollars with no end in sight. These loser generals, however, take their high retirement and immediately go into the "defense industry" and earn millions.

This defense industry scam isn't limited to former officers. James Comey has received much press coverage for supposedly standing up to President Trump's strong-arm tactics to save retired General Flynn--who was doing quite well business-wise with Turkey and Russia. The press loved Comey's Huck Finn language like "Lordy, let there be tapes." What went unmentioned was his work for Lockheed-Martin.

In 2004, while US Attorney, Comey was faced with prosecuting and jailing executives from Lockheed-Martin for fraud. Rather than jail such criminals, Comey preferred to hit them with a small fine. One year later, Comey is suddenly the Chief Counsel for Lockheed-Martin. Aside from getting millions in stock and salary for his five years at Lockheed-Martin, Comey helped arrange five more fines instead of jail with the Department of Justice. When Comey came back to the federal government, he listed his personal wealth as over 11 million dollars. 

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong on so many levels? 

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