Drug War

Full disclosure: I am totally opposed to the current Drug War. The conservative side of me opposes the Drug War because that policy alone has gutted our Fourth Amendment rights, not to mention our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why should I care if you want to do drugs in the privacy of your home? As Thomas Jefferson noted, whatever you do that has no effect on me is no concern of mine. The liberal side of me sees the need to treat addiction as health issue.

There is also the hypocrisy of the Drug War. When I wrote a thesis on counterinsurgency in Vietnam, I was surprised to find out about both sides, during the French war, used opium for financing. Colonel Roger Trinquier used opium, in league with Corsican mafia, to fund his counterinsurgency operations. This was not lost on the US government.  I have added the Wikipedia link below for this. If you still aren't convinced of government hypocrisy, then look at what happened when US Attorney Lanny Breuer offered a fine only when HSBC bank was busted for laundering billions in Mexican cartel drug money over 10 years. Although you and I go to jail for drugs, rich bankers pay a small fine. And let's not forget that over 50,000 Mexicans have been murdered by these very same Mexican cartels over the US government's insistence of the Drug War over Drug Legalization.

I would personally like to see all drugs decriminalized. This won't happen anytime soon, but, at the least marijuana should be legalized nationwide. If drug addiction is the health risk described as the need to for police raids and incarceration, then why isn't this extended to alcohol and cigarettes? Alcohol addiction kills 50,000 per year, whereas cigarettes kill 300,000 per year. Marijuana deaths? Zero.

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