From the Revolutionary War to OIF


I have at least two 4th great grandfathers who fought in the American Revolution: Jacob Spitler with the Virginia Militia, and Lieutenant Aaron Paine, with the 24th Continental Infantry. Since my family intermarried with Native Americans, such as the Cherokee, they did not appear to fight in the early Indian Wars. During the Civil War, family served on both sides. My 2nd great grandfather, 1st Lieutenant Hezekiah Willis Moore, Co. E 3rd Confederate Cavalry, actually fought against my other 2nd great grandfather, Corporal Cotlip Barth, Co. E 15th US Infantry, at the Battle of Chickamauga. Abraham Spitler fought with Co. D 48th Ohio Infantry, while Hezekiah's three brothers, John, Isham and Hamilton, all fought with the 9th Georgia Infantry at Antietam and Gettysburg. My great uncle Henry Paine enlisted in the 35th US Volunteer Infantry and fought in major engagements in the Philippine Insurrection. My grandfather, Marine Private Walter Moore fought and was badly wounded in WWI. My father (B-17 pilot) and all of my uncles served as volunteers in WWII, one surviving being strafed during the attack at Pearl Harbor, while my father ending his time as a reservist after being being called up for the Cuban Missile Crisis. I and my cousin served as volunteers in Vietnam, my cousin as a Vietnamese interpreter. My sister and her husband were former US Navy officers; my sister's only child has served four combat tours in Operation Irag Freedom.


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