There really is not much to say about Healthcare. The current system is robbing us blind, allowing for the corrupt deals and lobbying in Congress. Fully eight out of ten Americans want a single-payer system. I am one of the eight. The fact that the CEO of United Health Care takes home 100 million per year is proof our Healthcare is broken (except for billionaires) and needs reforming.

The VA system I go to is actually a form of socialized medicine, in that the doctors are government employees and all facilities are government built and owned. Medicare is not socialized medicine, in that the doctors and hospitals I go to are private and non-government.

What I am for is two-fold. First is that Americans need to engage in a healthier lifestyle and practice more preventive medicine. This is nothing new, in that most doctors tell us to stop smoking and go to the gym. I am also for a single-payer, based on Medicare.

Make no mistake, Medicare needs to be improved. I can't get the medicine I need for the price I want--thanks to gouging by Big Pharma. Under "Issues," I have a statement on how to bring the drug prices down. More than anything, an effective single-payer system must include lower prices and availability for medicine.

I support the proposals of the Physicians for a National Health Program.

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