There has been much talk regarding "infrastructure" by everybody from candidates to President Trump. All the talk I have heard so far never mentions how the Founding Fathers touted development as necessary for not just economic development, but national security as well.

We have President Eisenhower to thank for our extensive interstate road network to thank. This was  not by accident. Colonel Eisenhower was tasked by Pershing with sending a group of military trucks from the East Coast to the West Coast, mostly following the primitive Lincoln Highway. Many trucks broke down and they arrived a week later than expected. When Eisenhower had a chance to view and use the "Autobahn" system developed by the Nazis he was shocked. In view of his rough trip cross-country, he immediately knew this is what America needed.

Previously we had the roads, parks, etc., built through government programs under FDR to help get us out of the Depression. Eisenhower's plan went much further and more along the lines of the Founding Fathers, in that the highway system would "bind the nation together" as the saying was.

So how do we fund this? Both parties tout the so-called public-private partnership model. Unfortunately, only the bankers and corporations get rich off this. Under what is know a PPP, fully one-half of the cost of building goes to funding. What this also means is we go back to toll booths. No thanks.

North Dakota has a Bank of North Dakota for deposit of state revenues. These in turn are used for infrastructure. It is no surprise that North Dakota came through unscathed thanks to our Wall Street induced new Depression. What we need is a special infrastructure bank devoted entirely to rebuilding America, whereby every dollar used pays for the project, not Wall Street execs.

If this sounds strange or not possible, CHINA IS ALREADY DOING EXACTLY THIS, which is why they have added more high speed rail and roads in the last ten years compared to us. The last link provided discusses this.

And finally, comparing to China, they spend for less on their military than we do. Infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with reduced military spending, so compare to what I have to say regarding Defense.

"The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities.
It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. 
It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals."  President Eisenhower

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