I am the only candidate who actually LIVED AND WORKED in Israel, as well as Arab countries, which gives me a unique perspective. Many Congressman, like the man I am running against (Jeff Duncan), go on a "Potemkin Village" tour of Israel. As such, they are unaware of just how racist the occupation has become. I will also never understand why so many American evangelical churches provide tens of millions of dollars every year to settlers who allow Jewish-only settlements?

Before anybody makes the accusation that I am some sort of apologist for Palestinian terrorists, I survived a number of terrorist bombings while living in Israel. One in particular was close to killing me. I was sitting on a wall next to another man waiting on a bus outside the Jaffa Gate. The man next to me took the full blast, whereas as ball bearings grazed my back. Lucky for me this was before the time when anti-coagulants were added. Had the man who placed the bomb been captured I would have beaten him to death myself instead of stand there and debate the occupation. True the occupation is illegal under the Geneva Conventions and international law, but violence begets emotional responses.

The change to Israel and Israeli society came with the 1967 war and the occupation of the West Bank. There was a heated debate in Israel at the time about what to do with the territory they found themselves holding. I had the privilege of once hearing Yeshayahu Leibowitz, considered the most educated as well as the "conscience of Israel." Leibowitz, as well as most military commanders, warned that Israel would be changed--quite negatively--from an occupation. Military officers everywhere know that an occupying army becomes fat and lazy, as well as engages in corruption, all of which leads to a complete lack of discipline. The most these Israeli leaders believed should be held was a few strategic areas and return the rest. The last prime minister to attempt to end the occupation, Rabin, was murdered by a settler. Let's also not forget that Rabin's widow still blames Netanyahu for instigating the murder of her husband by a settler.

The problem is the religious fanatics who insist on holding this land for exploitation and colonization, using the Bible as an excuse. One has to meet these settlers to see how racist they actually are. American churches refuse to publicize the fact that settlers follow the two racist rabbis who wrote "The King's Torah." This is available on Amazon and no secret. Settlers are allowed to shoot any non-Jew, as the Ten Commandments only apply to Jews. Our church leaders refuse to condemn--let alone refuse to collect more money--after being informed of the destruction of churches and Christian graveyards by settlers. 

I have attached two articles that show former Mossad, military and religious leaders request Israel end the occupation. My suggestion to resolve the crisis, end the occupation, and force Israel to finally draw a border--something they have yet to do is outlined below.

First of all, the President, whoever that is, must adopt the strength of Eisenhower, who cancelled all payments to Israel when they refused to withdraw from the Sinai. Since Israel likes to draw negotiations out while bringing more illegal settlers in, I say set a 90-day limit on negotiations. All payments to Israel and Palestine from all sources are to be halted during this 90-day period. All roadblocks are to be dismantled along with walls that infringe on Palestinian territory. Israeli leaders have shown there is enough territory exists on the Israeli side of the 1967 border to exchange with Palestine regarding Israeli growth that now infringes on Palestine. All settlers are given a date whereby moving vans will move their property to new locations in Israel. At the end of this period, any settler who remains will be declared an outlaw and to be shot on sight. In order to alleviate any "blood debts" and retaliation against Palestinians and Israelis, I suggest using the 82nd Airborne Division to remove the outlaws and terrorist settlers remaining. Any arrested will be temporarily detained in American military prisons, which will be eventually turned over to the Palestinian Authority to serve out their sentences so our soldiers can return to the US. Only then will all aid be restored to Israel and Palestine.

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