Wall Street greed and criminal conduct are responsible for our latest Depression. Although they were responsible and their banks should have failed in bankruptcy, our politicians forced taxpayers to bail them out. (By the way, I notice these congressmen usually wind up working for Wall Street after their "public service"). Regular Joes don't get to work for Wall Street, so I view this as an example of the corruption in Congress. Americans who played by the rules and went to college looking for good jobs are still getting screwed by these people. Most are so crushed by debt they are still living at home, earning only enough to pay off these loans.

I notice all these politicians who claim to follow the Bible never talk about the Judeo-Christian history of the Jubilee, whereby all debts would be forgiven every 50 years. Even the US has a history of forgiving debts. Just after WWII, as part of the Marshall Plan, debts of not just Germany but other countries were forgiven as a means to help get Europe back on its feet. (Stalin rejected such assistance for the countries he occupied which became known as the East Block.)

Since Wall Street got saved it's time for them to return the favor to us working people. It's time to give our economy the boost it needs. For this reason, it is time for Wall Street to forgive and absorb all student debt as well as home mortgages. I realize it is tough for many of our banksters like Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman-Sachs to live off over ONE BILLION DOLLARS NET WORTH EACH, but I am sure they can adjust like we did to living with less.

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