Military Pay

Both political parties have cut pay and benefits for military, with many families having to depend on various forms of welfare to help ends meet. When both cry about the need to "re-build" the military what they are really talking about is giving billions more to the military-industrial complex. There really is no talk about paying our enlisted a real salary.

Our generals, who haven't won a war since 1945, are well taken care of; a four-star will retire with $200,000 per year. A fourth-grandfather of mine, Lieutenant Aaron Paine, served with the 24th Continental Infantry under Washington.  At the end of the Revolutionary War, each officer was given a sword and hereditary membership in the Order of Cincinnatus.  They were all expected to emulate the Roman Republic's greatest general, Cincinnatus.  After saving the Republic, he turned his back on all offers of fame and fortune and returned to his simple life.

Boy, have we fallen far since the officers and generals of the American Revolution! David Petraeus earned $290,000 before retirement and for losing the war while creating ISIS with his failed tactics. He retired at $208,000 per year, but needed more and traded in his stars and CIA knowledge to work for a hedge fund. Even his wife got a a government job, oddly listed by The Washington Post as between 119,000 and 179,000 for the Consumer Finance Protection Board. He is the least greedy. Far too many generals and admirals go directly into Boeing and Lockheed Martin, using their connections and influence to obtain weapons systems that cost billions and often don't work.

We can't do much to graft ethics on generals' backs, but we can level the field with the lower ranks who pay the price of their bad leadership.

Therefore I propose:

  1. Increase enlisted pay 50%
  2. Increase officer pay 20%
  3. Double all specialty pay such as jump pay, combat pay, sea pay, and pro pay. 

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