Napoleon said the only thing you can't do with a bayonet is sit on it. This is the primary reason our bloated so-called defense budget gives very little return compared to other government spending. There is no comparison to "other" technology development by NASA programs. For every dollar spent at NASA we receive up to fourteen dollars in return. Just think of the development of solar power and microwave technology. NASA actually puts out a publication every year, Spinoff, which details inventions that boost our economy.

If we want to truly become the economic and technological powerhouse we were until 1980, we need to boost the budget of NASA from the paltry 18 million dollars to a nice round 100 million dollars. Just the simple phrase and call to action by President Kennedy "we choose to go to the moon" should be updated to "we choose to go to Mars and establish a permanent base on the moon." The technological achievements of the Sixties would be five-fold with such an increase--at the expense of the bloated defense budget.

I would like to relive the pride I felt watching the American flag being planted on the moon. Before I die I want to see that again on Mars.

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