Hopefully you are reading this last. After reading all the laws that need to be passed in order to re-direct our country, you may say to yourself "this is all great but will take too much time." I agree, which is why I have saved the best tactic for last.

All tribal and ancient societies had cultural mechanisms to get rid of people who were destructive, whether rapists, murderers, thieves, psychopaths, or just plain stupid. Stupid people were run over by buffaloes during hunts so that was easy. Tribal law would outright kill or banish destructive types. All religions also have their own mechanisms as well, called shunning. For the Christians, one need only look to 1 Corinthians 5-11, where Paul stated we must shun and refuse to eat with thieves and the greedy.

If elected, my intention is to pressure every religious leader to excommunicate, refuse to marry, baptize and bless destructive individuals and their children. There has to be this outside pressure that these people are unwanted, especially since a corrupted Department of Justice refuses to prosecute their friends. My primary targets are the Wall Street executives who created this Second Depression through their greed and systemic criminality.

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