Tax Reform

The Republican Party is so far away now from bedrock principles and candidates like President Eisenhower. After halting the Korean War, Eisenhower refused to bow to the pressure of the rich by lowering taxes, specifically the Marginal Tax Rate, which he held at 91%. By today's comparison, all money earned would be taxed at the standard tax rate until 10 million dollars, all the rest to be taxed at 91%. Eisenhower explained this tax income would not only balance the budget, but pay his minimum of 12% of tax income going for roads and infrastructure. The Founding Fathers also agreed that the government must pay for infrastructure, as that was the only way American farmers and businessmen could easily and cheaply get their products to market.

I will introduce legislation to bring back the Marginal Tax Rate, but only for ten years. The rich got 90% of the profits for the last ten years, so it's time they paid it back.

  • The Eisenhower Marginal Tax Rate started after the first one million in income. Today's rate would be after ten million.
  • The Marginal Tax Rate would force CEOs to bring businesses back from overseas.
  • The Marginal Tax Rate would force CEOs to put money back into the business instead of income.

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