On June 8, 1967, Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attacked a clearly marked American ship, the USS Liberty. The Six Day War was just getting underway, and it is still unclear why the Israelis decided to attack the ship, intending to sink the ship and kill all crewmen aboard.

The Liberty was clearly in international waters and intercepting signals from any and all parties in the area. Two Israeli planes appeared and made an identifying pass over the ship. With the ship clearly marked and a large American flag flying, the crew felt no threat when they saw the Israeli markings on the jets. Suddenly, the jets assumed an attack formation and began bombing and strafing th ship. Aside from the ship's masts being damaged, the Israelis began jamming SOS signals from the Liberty.

Captain McGonagle was still under the false assumption the attack was a mistake. Soon three torpedo boats and two other Israeli jets would begin attacking his ship. The Israeli boats launched torpedoes into the ship, while the two new planes, carrying napalm, dropped their bombs on the deck where the wounded had been placed. With his sinking, Captain McGonagle ordered the life boats lowered. An Israeli boat appeared and asked if he needed assistance. The boat then began machine-gunning the life boats and crew. Captain McGonagle yelled "fuck you" to the Israeli navy as he realized the intention was to murder his entire crew. His only option was to keep the ship from sinking.

The captain engaged in heroic efforts to save his ship and crew, which earned him the Medal of Honor. Unfortunately, President Johnson and others insisted on giving the medal in secret, afraid of criticism of Israeli actions. All crew were sworn to secrecy and threatened with legal action were they to reveal that Israel intentionally attacked a clearly marked American ship.

If I were to be elected to Congress, I would immediately start a process of obtaining murder and arrest warrants against all Israeli personnel involved. If our own American government refuses to support such action, the International Criminal Court is the next option as I see it. Israel has worked with the US DOJ in extraditing former Nazi guards for trial and prison. This is no different, as Israel engaged in numerous "grave breaches" of the Geneva Conventions with this attack. The deaths of 34 crewmen and wounding of 171 others is nothing short of murder and attempted murder.

It is long overdue for Israel to be held to account for this unprovoked attack and murder of Americans. If elected, I WON'T SHUT UP until all records are released on this attack. WARNING If you try to search for the Israeli perpetrators you will get a virus, so be careful!!







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