Veteran Care

I don't have any issues with veteran care at VA facilities. My care has been rather good and just about every doctor has been excellent. The problem can be the wait, which needs to be ultimately addressed. I haven't made up my mind yet, lacking information, but at this point I am not opposed to building new facilities as well as giving account cards to vets outside of a certain radius.

The real problem has to do with the contractors hired by the VA who review and perform compensation exams. The worst offender is QTC Medical Services. I gave a lengthy interview to the Seneca Journal, available on this website, regarding what needs to be done as well as the constant complaints against this company. I am a slightly disabled Vietnam Veteran. I too was screwed over by the VA's favorite contract doctors from QTC Medical, in 2003. My appeal reversed the obvious "misdiagnosis" by the QTC quack. If what he said were true, I would be in Grey's Anatomy.

QTC Medical is again being investigated for fraudulently denying claims of over 80,000 combat veterans, which prompted my call to my Congressman, Jeff Duncan. Mr. Duncan could care less to help his constituents, having an especially bad reputation among our area veterans I meet. I thought he would be interested in my paperwork regarding QTC to add to the pile. Duncan's office never answered my emails regarding this and, when I called his office, a snotty aide told me, "Either he will answer you or he will not." With an attitude like that, we could wind up like 1918, when my grandfather was wounded as a Marine in the Meuse Argonne Offensive and charged for his own bandages! 

Our illustrious DOJ could join the Qui Tam whistleblower lawsuit showing fraud against QTC Medical, but they don't seem interested. I can understand this, again from the standpoint of corruption. QTC is the largest contractor under the VA, receiving close to 6 billion dollars. QTC is also owned by the largest military contractor, Lockheed Martin, which receives close to 40 billion dollars annually. Any lawsuit showing government fraud would mean QTC Medical would be barred for life from government contracting. Lockheed Martin, by extension, would also be impacted.

It really is easy to see why nothing gets done by corrupt government attorneys and congressmen.

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